Warranty policy

For your shopping safety, all products purchased from NC Mobile are covered by our warranty policy.

Warranty details

  • Replacement/refund of defective products (Defective products are products that have been confirmed to be unable to start or display within 7 days of product arrival)
  • Product sending repair (Repair service valid for 12 months <365 days> after receiving the product)

Warranty scope

For all products sold by our company, we will repair, replace, or refund within the warranty period based on the following conditions and limitations.

<Exclusion range>

・If the product is damaged, soiled, damaged due to non-compliance with the product instructions, or due to water exposure.

・If the customer manipulates the system data

・Damage due to use of unauthorized accessories

・If there is no package or accessories

・If the application is made outside the prescribed warranty period

・Damage or loss during transportation

・When the serial number of the product does not match, or when the serial number cannot be read or is not clear.

Service policy

  1. Defective items will be replaced or refunded.
  2. If the product is sent for repair within the warranty period, we will either repair it free of charge or repair it for a fee depending on the status of the failure. Please note that the return shipping fee will be borne by the customer.

Product warranty service procedures

[How to investigate defective products and refund procedures]

  1. Please take a photo or video that confirms that the product is defective, and send us an inquiry with the product name and order number confirmation. (Product name and order number can be confirmed from My Account)
  2. We will send you a DHL return label by email after we have checked the photos and videos you sent.
  3. Enter the shipping date and time on the label for returning the product and print it out. Please pack all the accessories that came with the product together and hand them over to the DHL courier.
  4. After the product arrives at our company, we will investigate the product defect in detail with the product specialist and Samsung Electronics service center and inform you of the investigation results. If the product is defective, you have the option of a replacement or a refund.

[Procedure for repair service covered by warranty]

In the case of malfunctions that occur during daily use, you can receive repair services at Samsung service centers in Korea. First, take a photo or video that confirms that the product is defective, and contact us via inquiry with the product name and order number. After receiving the product, our product experts and Samsung Electronics' service center will determine the type of repair (free or paid) and provide guidance to the customer. In addition, the round-trip shipping fee will be borne by the customer.