Step 1: Backup your old device.

When changing smartphone models, data such as contacts and browser settings can be transferred to the new model. Both iOS and Android can "back up" data to the cloud or to a computer.

For Android: Go to Settings -> System -> Backup.

For iOS: Go to "Settings" -> "AppleID name" -> "iCloud".

Apple also offers the option of backing up through iTunes by simply connecting your iPhone to your computer.

Most of the data on your smartphone can be backed up through these tools, but there are cases where data transfer processing is required in advance or the app needs to be added to the new device again.

Step 2: Insert SIM card/set up eSIM

Smartphones are generally shipped partially charged, so you can use them immediately upon arrival. Physical SIM can be used by simply opening the SIM tray with the SIM pin and inserting the SIM card to be used. In the case of eSIM, please perform the eSIM initial setting of the carrier you are using. eSIM may require APN settings, so please make settings for each carrier you use.

You are ready to go!

Step 3: Personalize your smartphone!

You are ready to use your smartphone by step 2. You can set account information and personal information in "Settings". In addition, please customize it to your liking by setting the screen lighting time, setting various tools, adding applications, etc.

Enjoy your new device!