SAMSUNG電子、次世代「Galaxy Z Fold」にSペンスロットの内装を検討中

Foreign media reported on the 2nd (local time) that Samsung Electronics is considering a plan to install the S Pen in the Galaxy Z Fold series.

According to media reports, SAMSUNG Electronics revealed in a meeting with a supplier last month that it is developing technology to install a dedicated stylus slot in the Galaxy Z Fold series.

Initially, the industry expected that the Galaxy Z Fold4 would have an interior slot for the S Pen, but it did not materialize. If the S Pen is embedded in a foldable smartphone, the thickness of the smartphone will be thicker. SAMSUNG is known to have given up the interior slot for the S Pen in order to make the Galaxy Z Fold4 model lighter and thinner.

Regarding this, Choi Won-joon, SAMSUNG Electronics Mobile Experience (MX) Business Division Strategic Product Development Team Manager, said at IFA 2022 held in Berlin, Germany last September, "There is a demand to make the Fold lighter and thinner, and the S Pen. I'm researching whether it's best to make the S Pen thick enough to maintain the feeling of writing," he said. There is

SAMSUNG also said that by concentrating on developing software that fits the 4:3 screen ratio of the Fold series, it will also improve the wrinkles of the display to give an even better user experience (UX). Meanwhile, Samsung expects the foldable smartphone market to record a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of up to 80% until 2025.