Galaxy S22, 歴代級のカメラ·ディスプレー機能を披露するか

Samsung Electronics announced at its Galaxy Unpack event on February 10 that it would "reveal the all-new S series." The new flagship smartphone 'Galaxy S22' is expected to bring out powerful camera and display functions.

Samsung Electronics sent out invitations for Galaxy Unpack 2022 on the 26th and released a trailer video along with it. In the video, the Galaxy S22 is depicted as a device that displays a bright and clear screen in a dark cave. It was also emphasized that the image of the city can be clearly captured even in the dark.

Samsung Electronics used phrases such as ``Break through the night'' and ``Break the rules of light'' in the video, and the camera and display performance and functions of the Galaxy S22. He suggested that he had strengths.

In a recent contribution, Roh Tae-moon, CEO of Samsung Electronics MX Division, said, “The Galaxy S series has introduced innovative features that will redefine the smartphone category, and now we will rewrite the standard for innovation.” made it

President Noh said, "The new product that will be unveiled at Galaxy Unpack is a product that brings together the best mobile experience in one product, and it will be the most attention-grabbing product in the successive Galaxy S series." You'll be able to take great photos and videos with confidence, and enjoy the powerful battery, running speed, and useful features to the fullest."

The Galaxy S22 series is expected to be released in three models, including basic, plus, and ultra.

In the case of the top model Ultra, it is supposed to have four cameras on the back. It is expected that the 108MP main camera will be equipped with a 12MP ultra wide-angle camera and two 10MP telephoto cameras. The front camera is expected to be 40MP.

The base and plus models of the Galaxy S22 are expected to have three cameras on the back: a 50MP main camera, a 12MP ultra-wide angle camera, a 12MP telephoto camera, and a 10MP camera on the front.

Some say the brightness of the display will be one of the S22's greatest strengths.

Until now, the brightness of the display of the Galaxy S22, which has leaked to foreign media, is said to overwhelm the iPhone 13. According to the IT media "Toms Guide", the maximum brightness of the Galaxy Ultra and Plus models has been confirmed to reach 1750 nits. This is 900 nits brighter than the previous S21 Ultra and 550 nits brighter than the iPhone 13 Pro Max.

In addition, the top model Galaxy S22 Ultra is expected to inherit the features of the Galaxy Note series. The S22 Ultra is expected to adopt angled corners like the Note series and feature an S Pen. The response speed of the S Pen is expected to improve more than three times compared to the Galaxy Note 20.

Samsung Electronics said, ``We will unveil a completely new Galaxy S series,'' saying, ``The products unveiled this time are icons of change and innovation, new products of the Galaxy S series, and expand the boundaries of smart devices that have broken existing rules. We look forward to setting the standard for next-generation mobile experiences, as well as to

Reporter Ahn Ho Kyun